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Two blue eyed hunky men star in this cock rubbing porno made by for ‘Str8 To Gay.’ Exclusive to is Bennett Anthony who has the most amazing red hair and muscular body covered in tattoos.

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Scott Riley is our other blue eyed young man, he is five feet eight inches and has blonde hair. He has a smooth face and a great six pack.
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Scott stars a man who seems to have everything since he came out in college. In fact, when he told all his straight male friends he was surprised by their reactions. Not only were they good about it, they all fucked him up the ass and they still use any excuse to get away from their wives to have a piece of his tight ass around their thick hard dicks. In fact, he loves being a straight man’s whore.

Bennett Anthony walks straight into Scott’s kitchen and tells him that his girlfriend has left him again, and that he wants a fuck, no messing about here, straight into the action, and Scott never says no. Bennett just grabs Scott’s pants and pulls them straight down, and then takes his tight t-shirt off before Scott even has a chance to reply.

Scott squats down naked in the kitchen and goes straight to Bennett’s dick which is already hard and ready for gay porn action. He grabs Scott’s chin and slaps his thick dick on top of his waiting tongue and then shoves it back in and face fucks him. Bennett shouts out loud with excitement as his frustration starts to leave him.
Bennett may be a straight guy but he loves to suck on Scott’s dick. They go into the bedroom where Bennett pushes him onto the bed and deep throats his cock and massages his smooth but heavy nut sack as Scott looks down and watches him.

Bennett calls Scott sexy and gets him onto his hands and knees. Bennett gets right behind his firm ass and drives his cock straight into him. Both men groan with deer pleasure and Bennett fucks him hard doggy style. He grabs a hold of his shoulders from behind and plunges his cock in and out of Scott’s asshole like a man possessed. He couldn’t go any faster if he tried, and Scott loves it. He loves the feeling of his asshole being packed full with a thick dick as it continually batters against his tender prostate time and time again. He feels seconds away from spilling his load with every thrust of Bennett’s hard dick but manages to hold back somehow.

The pace never slows down, not even when Scott Ripley is on top and riding Bennett does it slow down, and then Scott lies on his back, and as Bennett Anthony continues to ruthlessly bang into his slutty hole, he shouts out that he’s about to cum. Bennett pulls his cock out and they both jerk on their dicks for a few seconds and their thick white spunk spurts out and lands on Scott’s smooth hard skin at the same time.

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Gaymates Part 1 – Porn stars – Cliff Jensen | Jay Austin | Paul Canon

Paul Canon, Jay Austin, and all exclusive star to Men, Cliff Jensen, star in this first episode in an ass-ripping new gay porn series that has been released by Str8 To Gay, and filmed by the award-winning team at Men com paysite.

Three Gay Amigos

Cliff Jensen is a six-foot-three-inch pornstar and is exclusive to He looks moody, comes with attitude, but knows exactly what he is doing with his dick. He has a lot of tats, and his lean body has a bit of hair, but not too much. He has brown hair, sparkling green eyes, and he is a top with an eight-inch cut dick. Check out his profil on PornHub
Cliff has starred in thirty-eight hardcore gay porn vids for, and in his last flick for them, he was seen in a hot threesome with Ashton McKay and Beaux Banks in ‘Couples Massage Part 3.’
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Jay Austin is a cool looking dude with glasses, is inked, and has a lovely lean body which he likes to keep in shape. He is six-feet-two-inches tall with brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and he is a hungry bottom boy with a seven and a half inch cut cock.
He has only been in four scenes for Men, so far, and his first movie is called ‘Executive Suit Part 2’, where he had his perfect butt drilled by Jarec Wentworth back in 2014.
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Paul Canon is a good looking young man with a cheeky but sexy smile. He has a smooth swimmer’s build and loves to spend his spare time masturbating. (Don’t we all?) He is five-feet-ten-inches tall, has brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and he is a versatile top with a seven-inch cut cock.
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Cliff Jensen and his girlfriend turn up at Paul Canon and Jay Austin’s house for an interview to see if they are suitable to share the house with them. The only thing is, Cliff thinks Jay is a woman. Paul interviews them first, and when Jay arrives, Cliff looks a bit disappointed. As Cliff and his girlfriend seem suitable, Paul and Jay agree to let them come and live with them.
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Next day early in the morning, Paul and Jay start getting frisky with each other in the kitchen. Their lips are locked together in a passionate kiss, and their hands are all over each other’s beautiful young bodies. Paul goes down, and as he takes Jay’s eight-inch cock into his mouth, Jay sighs with pleasure. Paul Plays with Jay’s balls and keeps on sucking until that big gay cock almost blows in his mouth.
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Jay then gets Paul excited as he gives his morning glory an amazing blowjob, and as he gently squeezes Paul’s balls, he tells him he wants to be fucked.
Jay stands up, bends over a table and offers up his juicy ass. Paul stands right behind him, and as his cock enters that super tight asshole, you can see Jay’s eyes fill up with lust. They make so much noise as they fuck hard and fast, that they wake up Cliff Jensen who comes upstairs to see what all the noise is about. He listens behind a wall, and as he looks around, and into the kitchen, he sees Paul and Jay hard at it.

Cliff, who is straight, finds it a real turn on, and as he pulls the front of his boxer shorts down and tucks it under his big balls, he jerks on his hard cock as he watches, and listens to them making love.
The camera goes from close up shots of Jay getting his ass well and truly fucked, back to Cliff jerking off, and then back to the hardcore fucking.

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Jay Austin gets drilled every which way possible, and as he rides Paul Canon’s dick, his cum pours out all over himself and all over his hand. Cliff Jensen, who is still standing and listening, cums next, and his cum oozes out all over his hand that carries on pumping on his cock. Paul continues fucking Jay’s ass doggy style, and as he cums, his jizz shoots out all over Jay’s back and on to the little crack at the start of his ass.

Paul has seen Cliff jerking off, and after he has finished, he asks Cliff if he would like the same thing himself, Cliff looks shocked that he has been seen, and quickly runs back down the stairs.
This is a great start to a brand-new series from The fucking is scorching hot, and having Cliff Jensen watching them, brings a whole new dimension to the episode. Look out for part 2 and 3 of this series which are just about to be released, and see if straight guy Cliff joins in the fun. There is plenty of more ass play, cock sucking, and gay fucking to be seen, and part 3 ends up in six-man cum orgy. …