Poetic – Colby Keller and Jacob Peterson

Poetic is a gay porn movie starring two muscled hairy gods, Colby Keller and Jacob Peterson. This movie has been filmed by the award-winning team at Men.com and has been released by Gods Of Men.

The gay porn stars from MEN

Colby Keller is an international pornstar and has even modelled for Vivienne Westwood. He is a muscular hunk with a furry chest and body.
Colby is six feet two, has brown hair, hazel eyes, and is versatile with a beautiful thick eight inch cut dick. He has starred in 55 hardcore gay vids for Men.com, and in his last movie, he fucked the tight ass off of Jake Porter in ‘How I Started.’
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Jacob Peterson is an all exclusive star to Men.com and has starred in 22 hardcore hot and horny porn movies for them so far.
Jacob is a handsome hunk with a well-built hairy body and has a sweet tasting hairy ass. He is six feet three inches tall with brown hair, sexy hazel eyes, and he is a versatile bottom with a seven-and-a-half-inch uncut dick.
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Sometimes you don’t need a story, and all you want to do is see the horny action. Well, you have come to the right place, this is hardcore action from beginning to end.

Jacob Peterson and Colby Keller men porn are kissing passionately in the bedroom. Jacob is put on his back on the bed, and Colby climbs between his legs and as he carries in kissing his sweet, moist lips. They almost rip each other’s clothes off as the heat gets turned up, and Colby sits down on a chair with his hard cock sticking up like a tent pole. Jacob kisses and licks it all over, and then he gets Colby growling deep as he gives him an amazing blowjob.

As he carries on sucking his huge dick, Colby leans over, pulls down Jacob’s underpants, and strokes a finger up and down Jacob’s beautiful tight crack. Colby slaps that crack a few times with his fingers, and caresses his firm butt cheeks all over as his cock gets sucked.

The feel of the butt hole on his fingers has got Colby over excited, and he gets Jacob on the bed on his hands and knees. Colby uses his strong hands to open up Jacob’s butt cheeks, and he makes Jacob moan in ecstasy as he buries his tongue deep inside that tight hole. Jacob feels Colby’s beard as it grazes against his hole, and he starts stroking his cock as he feels his balls filling up with cum.

Colby sits, up, rolls on a condom, and inches his meaty cock slowly into Jacob’s ass. This time, they both moan out in pleasure as Colby fills that ass hole up, and he starts fucking him slowly, but soon picks up the pace. Taking his dick out of that tight hole, Colby twists Jacob over, pulls his knees up and over his shoulders, and gives Jacob and amazing blowjob which threatens to make Jacob empty his nut sack too soon.

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Jacob Peterson sits on Colby Keller’s cock, rides him for a while, and then Colby gets him in the missionary position for a final deep ass drilling. With his legs spread wide, and his butt full of dick, Jacob strokes his dick until he cries out one last time, and his thick creamy cum shoots out and splashes all over his hairy body. Colby rips off his condom, sits on Jacob’s cum covered body, and lets his cum ooze out and mix in with Jacob’s.

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