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The heat is on as ‘Drill My Hole’ shows us the hardcore action as sexy hot gay men show us why they should be the next ‘adult gay’ exclusive star, a position everyman is fighting to get. Diego Sans is partnered up with Will Braun, who is already a ‘gay xxx’ exclusive star, in this explosive cock thumping episode.

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Diego Sans seems more than ready to win the position of next exclusive star and has already been in nine hardcore movies for since starting in June 2015 where over 26 thousand men watched him fuck the ass off of Jimmy Fanz in ‘Swipe Part 2. Diego has an amazing hard body full of muscle and a great six pack. He is a great top and loves nothing more than sliding his seven inch uncut cock deep into a smooth tight bubble butt. He has got brown hair and a very hairy chest with small dark and hard nipples. He is five feet ten inches tall, weighs 175 pounds, has ‘puppy dog’ brown eyes and cock sucking lips.

Will Braun is an exclusive star to afew gay paysites already and has starred in twenty five hardcore flicks since starting in February 2015 in ‘The New Exclusive; Will Braun’ Will has that sweet innocent next door neighbour look and has a smooth chest, sparkling blue eyes and short brown hair. He is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock and a great fuckable bubble butt, just what Diego Sans is looking for. Will is five feet six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds.

Both men have a huge following on Twitter and are in high demand around the world.

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This great episode starts off with Diego Sans and Will Braun getting ready for their porn shoot. We see their naked bodies as they pose for the cameras and then they get interviewed on the couch: why does Diego think he is good for the role as the next exclusive star to Will Braun says with a cheeky sexy smile, that Diego could easily win the part, but he needs to prove it to him first. Diego smiles back at him and they start to kiss, game on, and the action starts to happen.

Diego kneels up on the couch takes Will’s glasses off and carries on kissing him. Both men strip naked and both have hard cocks already. Diego leans back and as he spreads his powerful thighs, Will bends over and starts to suck on his dick and balls. Diego groans with excitement straight away as Will shows him why he is already an exclusive star to this website. Will spits on Diego’s big gay cock and sucks him all the way down until his nose grazes against Diego’s pubes.

Diego picks Will up like he weighs nothing and balances Will over his legs making Will take his weight by putting his hands on the ground behind him. Will moans out with desire as Diego then sucks on his seven inch hard dick and tight ball sack. Will then finds his shoulders on the floor and his ass high up in the air as his knees come over his chest. He growls out as Diego then licks around his asshole and strokes on his cock at the same time. Encouraged by his excited noises, Diego goes further in with his hungry tongue and licks every part of Will’s sensitive asshole.

Still with his back on the floor, and in the same position, Will shouts out even louder as Diego plunges his pulsating dick deep into his now slippery wet hole. The action heats up as they camera zooms in and we get to see Diego’s cock slamming into Will Braun’s tight asshole time and time again, and in different positions. Will pounds on his cock as his asshole gets ravaged and it doesn’t take him long before thick streams of creamy white spunk dribble out of his throbbing cock. Diego Sans growls out one last time as his sizzling hot spunk shoots out fast and furious and lands over Will’s panting and sweaty body.

Will Diego Sans get to be the new exclusive star for tons of gay male porn tubes ? you will have to keep watching to find out.…